The Charger Chatter will go out again in September, but I need for you to make sure I have your information correct. Please go to the link "Up Date Your Info.” If I don't hear from you then I am assuming all your information is correct. 
FYI... The class website will be shutting down the end of September. If there are any pictures you would like, go to the  link "Photo Albums" select the album and click on the photo you want, then right-click on the photo image. From the drop-down menu that appears you will have options on how you want to save the photo.
 We don't want to lose touch with our classmates. We have a Facebook page, the name of our page: Tulsa Memorial Class of 1967. If you are not already on our Facebook page we would like for you to join us, it doesn't cost anything, and we can stay in touch. Go to and in the search bar type in Tulsa Memorial Class of 1967 and join the group. 

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