10th - Reunion was held August 19-20, 1977.   Committee members: Chairs - Vaden Bales and Anne Walton Durbin; others that served on the committees were: Terry Nostrand Dupree, Mike Skaistis, Judy Calhoun Skaistis, Teresa Neel Norvell, Bill Gale, John Danne, Karen Sullivan Carpenter, Ann Foster Shook, Rick Peterson, Phyllis Allton Bishop, Sally Shoaff Staude and Sterling McDonald.  The cost for the event was $35/couple, $17.50/single.  Friday night was at Dutch's Party Barn with a Bar-B-Q feast catered by Sutphen's, with kegs of cold beer.  The entertainment for the evening was sounds of the sixties, provided by KAKC D.J. Scooter Segraves.  He traveled in from New Orleans to spin those sixties tunes and take us back to our high school days.  There was a Saturday morning assembly at Memorial High School at 11:30 am.  Then it was off to LaFortune Park for a family picnic.  Saturday evening, 8:00 pm, was at the Tulsa Home Builder's Association. We had an open bar and hors d'oeuvres from Middle Eastern Deli.  The band started at 9:00 pm, and we partied till 1:00 am!  Afterwards, a large group went to Village Inn for breakfast.  


20th - Reunion - November 27-28, 1987. Committee members: Chair - Elaine Elsloo Dodd; others that served on the committees were: John Danne, Gordon Shelton, Chris Delacey Oswalt, Anne Walton Durbin, Margaret Clayton Erling, Randy Judd, Judy Calhoun Skaistis, Teresa Neel Norvell, Corry Spoor, Vaden Bales and Sterling McDonald. The cost for the event was $75/couple, $38/single.  Reunion headquarters was the Marriott Hotel at 41st and Garnett. Friday evening and Sunday were left open for you to plan small get-togethers, brunches, dinner, picnics, etc.  Saturday morning we met at MHS at 10:00 am for donuts, juice, coffee and a tour of the school. 11:00 am was the assembly.   We sold 20 year T-shirts, bumper stickers, Memorial pins and Charger Chatters. Saturday afternoon was registration at the hospitality suite at the Marriott where we also displayed our memorabilia.  Bronson's lounge at the hotel was open with popcorn, drinks, big screen TV and catching up.  From 1-6 pm our classmate, David Stone gave rides in his helicopter.  Saturday evening was a dressy affair starting at 8:00 pm with drinks, mini-buffets and a live band, Billy and the Bobcats.  The band started at 9:00 pm, and we partied till 1:00 am.  Highlights of Saturday evening were the awards presentation and special guest appearances of the "Raisins" dancing to "Heard It Through the Grapevine."  (Ask Doug Lee about this)  Gordon Shelton loaned us his ‘67 red Porsche to take pictures in and around.   


30th - Reunion - November 28-29, 1997.  Committee members: Chair - Judy Stevenson Rothrock; others that served on the committees were: Steve Bell, John Danne, Elaine Elsloo Dodd, Margaret Clayton Erling, Steve Stuttle, Peggy Thompson, Chris DeLacy, Pam Foster Oakley, Barbara Howard Tricinella, Anne Walton Hewgley, Cathy Eulert Fritz, Sally Shoaff Young, Jeannie Lunger Reed, Judy Calhoun Skaistis, Jann Douglas Self, Brint Lang, Randy Thomas, Corry Spoor Weston, Jim Buchan, Linda Givens Ortega. The cost for the event was $100.00/couple, $50.00/single.  Reunion headquarters was the Doubletree Hotel, 61 and Yale.  Friday night was an Informal get-together. The event was scheduled to end at 8:00 pm, but we were having too much fun.  The last group left at 11:00 pm! Saturday morning assembly was a blast from the past. Six of our teachers and counselors showed up to give us a little advice.  The morning was filled with memories from the past and thoughts for the future.  Saturday evening was a grand event with our prom banner greeting us at the entrance. Approximately 200 classmates, spouses, and significant others attended. There were several awards given out, such as the newest married, which went to Steve Bell and his bride of one week.  The most unchanged went to Reg Rowe.  We enjoyed the music of our D.J. The evening was extended to 1:30 am when Jim Buchan went to the mike and asked for more money to pay the D.J.  Within two minutes we had enough money to pay for two more hours and the party continued.  We haven’t forgotten how to dance! Yes, there was all kinds of dancing - even a little gatoring; proving that we’re “Still Crazy After all These Years.”



40th - Reunion - November  23-25, 2007.  Committee members: Chair - Elaine Elsloo Dodd, Co-Chair Steve Bell, and Co-Chair Sandra Wright Wylie; others that served on the committees were: Judy Calhoun Skaistis, Mike Skaistis, Linda Givens Ortega, Anne Walton Hewgley, Judy Stevenson Rothrock, Jeannie Lunger Reed, John Danne, Ira Smith, Doug Hollabaugh, Corry Spoor Weston, Katie Stickle Alfred, and Sally Shoaff Young.  The cost for the event was $100.00/couple, $50.00/single. Reunion headquarters was the Elks Lodge at 5335 S. Harvard.  Friday night was a casual get-together with a cash bar, Pennington’s hamburgers, french fries, onion rings, black bottom pie and cherry cokes.  We had a D.J., and we danced to the sixties hits. Saturday morning was the assembly at Memorial High School with school cinnamon rolls, coffee, and juice.  The old school spirit was in the faces and hearts of all as we sang our fight song and alma mater. Teachers and counselors showed up, and each had a few words and stories to tell. We showed a video and honored our classmates who served in the military service. Later that afternoon at the Elks Lodge, we had a big screen TV for those that wanted to watch the OU/OSU game. Saturday evening was a dinner and dance; our prom banner greeted us at the entrance. We had a live band, and we danced the night away with music by Mid-Life Crisis. Many enjoyed the Photo Booth that was set up, and we had a photographer to take a group picture of all the classmates that attended. Awards were given to “Chargers United” - Classmates that are married to each other; we had six couples in all. Ira Smith and Halsey Fischer were given an award for finding lost classmates. We had a silent auction for a bronze like bust of a Charger Horse. After all the bids were in, Doug Hollabaugh was the proud owner of “The Charger.”  All good things must end, and we ended with a Sunday morning brunch at the Green Onion restaurant. 

60th Birthday Party was July 18, 2009.  Committee members: Chair - Anne Walton Hewgley, others that served on the committees were: Elaine Elsloo Dodd, Sandra Wright Wylie, Karen Sullivan Webster, Judy Calhoun Skaistis, Ann Foster Springer, Sara Cooper Allen, Ira Smith, Carol Stortz Willett and Sandy Mead. The cost for the event was $10.00/single, $20.00/couple. The party was at the Elks Lodge at 5335 S. Harvard. The dress for the evening was sequins to shorts. Heavy hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar were on hand.  We had a D.J., and a few danced but, most just wanted to take the time to visit and catch up with classmates that some had not seen in 42 years. Sunday morning we met at the Green Onion restaurant for brunch, to say our goodbyes one more time. 

45th - Reunion was October 19-21, 2012. Committee members: Co-Chairs - Anne Walton Hewgley and Brint Lang; others that served on the committees were: Sandra Wright Wylie, Judy Stevenson Rothrock, Karen Sullivan Webster, Sara Cooper Allen, Stephanie Robinson Cole, Jed Dad, Deanna Ellsworth Harvey, Elaine Elsloo Dodd, Steve Suttle, Carol Stortz Willett, Ira Smith and Steve Bell. The cost for the event was $150/couple, $75/single. Reunion headquarters was the Hyatt Regency in downtown Tulsa. Friday evening was an informal get-together with a cash bar and appetizers. 8:00 p.m. we had a trolley crawl that looped from the hotel and around the Brady and Blue Dome district every 20 minutes with stops at restaurants and pubs, or you could just stay on the trolley and see what's new and going on in downtown Tulsa. Saturday morning there was golf and lunch at LaFortune Park and lunch for non-golfers at The Daily Grill. Saturday evening started off with a cash bar and then a buffet dinner. We danced the night away like it was 1967 to the Fabulous MidLife Crisis Band. And... yes, we did have someone do the gator! Sunday morning we said our good-byes with brunch at The Daily Grill.

50th - Reuion was September 8-10, 2017.  Committee members: Chair - Brint Lang; others that served on the committees were: Sandra Wright Wylie, Anne Walton Hewgley, Judy Stevenson Rothrock, Bill Rothrock, Stephanie Robinson Cole, Elaine Elsloo Dodd, Ira Smith and Sara Cooper Allen. The cost for the week-end was $100 per person, $75 for one night. Friday evening was an informal get-together at Stokley Event Center, cash bar and BBQ dinner. Saturday morning there was golf at LaFortune Park and a ladies luncheon at Tally's. Saturday evening was cash bar and a buffet dinner. We had the Fabulous Midlife Crisis Band, and yes, we had a classmate that showed us he could still do the gator! Guess we can still say we are "Still Crazy after all these Years." Sunday morning we said our good-byes with brunch at the Warren Duck Club. 

70th Birthday Party was June 22-23, 2019.  Committee members: Elaine Elsloo Dodd, Jeannie Lunger Reed, Janie King Lyon, Janet Lee Gann, Nancy Ridenhour Clark, Carol Stortz Willett ,Margaret Langley Butler, Karen Andrako Gaddis, Phyllis Allton Cox and Donna Noland. The party was held at Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, 6175 E. 61st St. Everyone paid for their own dinner and cash bar. Donna Emery Bennett and her husband David lead us in Happy Birthday to us. The dress for the evening was casual. Sunday morning we met for brunch at the Water Front Grill, in Jenks, OK.