In 1962 Memorial High School was dedicated to Tulsa students and teachers who served the United States of America in military service.  The Class of 1967 is honored by our classmates who served and even made the ultimate sacrifice.  We salute our teachers who were veterans and also express our gratitude to the spouses, children and grandchildren of classmates who have served our country, some of whom are currently in the military.


It is with gratitude that we list those Veterans in the Memorial High School Class of 1967 whom we have identified as Veterans who have honored the name of their alma mater and honored us all. 


Applegate, Bob - USMC


Bell, Steve - U.S. Navy, Vietnam Vet


Blakemore, Jim - Air National Guard


Buchan, Jim - 1st LT in Germany, 3/12 Armored Cav Squadron, 3rd Armored Division 1972-74


Carver, Gary - U.S. Army Reserve

Case, Mike - U.S. Army


Collings, Larry - U.S. Army 1969-71


*Comfort, Mike

Cox, Joe - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1971-77, Reserves 1977-1999, LTC (Retired)

Crowell, Charles - U.S. Army 1971-74


Day, Jed - Oklahoma Army National Guard

Fischer, Halsey - Lieutenant Naval Flight Officer, 5 years

Gale, Bill - U.S. Army 

Hall, G. Wayne - U.S. Army Reserve 

*Havlick, John - U.S. Army, Vietnam Vet, KIA


Hess, Mike - Air Force

*Jeffress, Neville - U.S. Army, Vietnam Vet

Jones, Rob - Army National Guard

*Judd, Randy - Air Force

Kirk, Sam - Air Force ROTC 1 year

Larson, Gregg - Navy,  Retired Captain, 25 years 

Lehman, Wayne

Lowder, Bob - Army, 1970-74

Mangels, Kurt - U.S. Army, 1970-73

McGehee, Jim - U.S. Army

Patterson, Steve - U.S. Air Force, Loring AFB, ME 1st Lieutenant Civil Engineer 1972-75

Reid, Robert (Rip) - USMC, Vietnam Vet

Reynolds, Robert - U.S. Army, Vietnam Vet 1970, grade/rank E4/Sp 4


Reynolds, Ron - U.S. Army, Vietnam Vet 1969-70, Major, USAF Retired 1992

Skinner, Lois (Lytle) - U.S. Army WAC Sergeant E-5, 1967-70 

*Slifer, Steve - U.S. Army

Spears, Richard -  U.S. Army, Vietnam Vet


Thayer, David Mike - U.S. Army, Vietnam Vet

*Thompson, Fred - Vietnam Vet



John Havlick - His tour began on Feb 18, 1968. Casualty was on Apr 5, 1968
John Havlick - His tour began on Feb 18, 1968. Casualty was on Apr 5, 1968
Taken from the Traveling Wall -   Click to enlarge
Taken from the Traveling Wall - Click to enlarge